Trading Floor 1.0

At Collision Gallery
18 Wellington St W
Toronto, ON M5J 1J1

Jul.29 – Sep.12

New Currency x SHEEEP

Book Space

For the summer of 2021, TRADING FLOOR 1.0, conceptualized by NEW CURRENCY & SHEEEP, is taking over Collision Gallery in Toronto’s Financial District. For the first iteration, a prototype, we’ve designed a space to allow emerging artists and the creative community to occupy — free of charge — to simply work on their craft with no strings attached. We imagined an alternate green world, a garden for the cultivation of thoughts and ideas, artist studios, exhibition spaces, with room for emerging artists to gather, share, and work together. Trading Floor is about building up and strengthening communities by providing accessible and safe spaces for the future generation of creatives.

New Currency is a global youth culture platform dedicated to exchange of ideas. @newcurrency

SHEEEP is a multi-disciplinary studio working at the intersection of community, culture & architecture

Trading Floor is partially funded by ArtworxTO